Key Features

Slimline Aluminium Frame

Aluminium is an inherently sturdy material. Offering such great levels of strength, the sightlines of your roof lantern will be ultra slim. With such minimal framework, your Aldgate home will benefit from amazing levels of natural light. This can have the effect of making your living space seem larger.

High Security Design

Forget about your roof lantern being a weak point in your home’s security. Our lantern skylights feature the latest multi point locking mechanisms. These are ensured to provide excellent intruder resistance. Rest with total peace of mind with our slimline but secure lantern roof lights.

Hassle Free Installation

Lotus Windows use an expert team of experienced installers. They have the knowledge needed to deliver a hassle free roof lantern installation. In conjunction with the innovative design, the installation will be quick and painless with our lantern rooflights. You’ll be able to enjoy them in no time at all!

Available Styles

Roof Lantern Aldgate

Maxi-Hipped Roof Lantern

A hybrid style between the two, a hipped roof lantern offers a low but angled profile. This allows for a unique look while letting water drain away from your home’s structure. You can customise the finish of your rooflight as well. We offer a choice of colours including black, white and shades of grey. You can even install fully automatic roof vents to help get more ventilation into your Aldgate or further afield home.

Our hipped roof lanterns come with self cleaning glass as standard. Using the sun, this will clear any arks and blemishes away from the glass without any extra effort. You’ll also be able to enjoy a quieter home with these roof lights. Offering acoustic insulation, they’ll help keep outside noise from disrupting your home. They’re also thermally efficient for a cosy and warm home environment.

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Maxi Flat Rooflight

If you prefer a more subtle design for your Aldgate home, our flat rooflights could be what you need. With a much lower profile than pyramid roof lights, these roof lanterns are a stylish way of getting natural light into your home. Having more natural light in your home will bring out the most of your decorative style. At the same time, it will have the effect of making your space seem larger than it is.

Being made from aluminium, our flat rooflights will stand the test of time. Aluminium is non corrosive, being resistant to the effects of moisture over the time. The result is a low maintenance, weatherproof roof lantern. They are also easy to install. You won’t have to be waiting around for a long time for installation to be complete. Instead, we’ll have your home looking transformed before you know it.

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Maxi Pyramid Roof Lantern

Offering a distinct design, the pyramid roof is sure to add kerb appeal to your Aldgate home. Offering an angular design, the striking profile of this roof lantern will inject style into any area of your property. This design also allows water to drain effectively from your pyramid skylight. Helping to protect the structure of your home, this will help to ensure a weatherproof and long lasting performance.

Made from high grade aluminium, our pyramid roofs are suitable for virtually any home. Their strength makes them incredibly versatile in application. Whether you want a roof lantern for your conservatory or kitchen space, our pyramid skylights will be a perfect fit. They’ll also be easy to keep looking their best. Aluminium is a low maintenance material that doesn’t feel the effect of weathering.


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If you want to get started on your home improvements journey, you’ll want an idea of roof lantern prices. Believing in a simple process, we use an online quoting engine. Just enter your measurements, and we’ll give a guide price. Start your roof lantern quote today!

Why Choose Lotus Windows?

When you choose Lotus Windows for your roof lanterns, you’re choosing experienced industry experts. With over two decades of experience, we have the expert advice and support that you need. Our fitting team are also adept at installations. Courteous, tidy and efficient, they’ll have your home transformed without any hassle. Lotus Windows offer the full package for your Aldgate home.

We are dedicated to a complete customer service with our windows and doors. At any step of the process, you can get in touch with our expert team for support and advice. Whether it’s in the design of your new roof lantern, or technical specifics, we’ll be able to offer expert knowledge. You can trust in our quality, too, with accreditation from FENSA, GGF and BBA.

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