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Double Glazing Maintenance

Maintenance can be a great way of avoiding the need for costly replacements and repairs down the line. Our maintenance service will make sure your Aldgate home’s windows and doors are in the best possible shape. This will keep thermal efficiency at its peak for the best performance.

Window & Door Repairs

One of the most common issues that occur with windows and doors is moisture collecting. This generally means that there are gaps in the glass and an imperfect seal. Instead of having to pay for a costly replacement, a cost effective solution is for double glazing repairs to get performance back at its peak.

Locksmith Services

Alongside our double glazed windows, we also offer locksmith services. If you’ve had locks damaged and are in need of repair, we’ll be able to fix them and have your home secure once again. We can also upgrade your hardware if you’re looking to protect your home from potential intruders.

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Maintenance and Repair Prices London

Windows and Door Maintenance

Modern windows and doors are built to provide decades of high performance. However, older styles may start to degrade over time due to weathering and ageing. If this is the case, you may be losing weatherproofing, thermal performance and even security. With a significant drop in performance, you might be thinking a costly replacement is the only choice. However, our maintenance service can help.

Our maintenance team can come out and complete a full inspection of your windows and doors. With a wealth of experience, they’ll be able to spot any potentially damaged areas. From here, they’ll be able to advise you on all the options you have available. They’ll also be able to inform you on how you can maximise the longevity of your windows and doors. Keep your windows in top shape with Lotus.

Maintenance and Repair London

Locksmith Services

In addition to our double glazing maintenance and repairs, we also offer a range of locksmith services. Security is one of the highest priorities for your Aldgate home, and your locks are the first line of defence. So, it’s important that your locks are in the highest working order. If they’ve become damaged or worn over time, it’s worth having them fixed or replaced. We have the very best hardware that you need.

Sometimes a full repair or replacement isn’t necessary. It might be that your locks are sticking or stiff. In this case, a locking adjustment can fix the issue. Realigning the locking mechanism, this will take the strain out of the opening and closing your door. As well as door lock repairs, we can also repair window locks. Keep your home safe and sound and enjoy complete peace of mind with our locksmith services.

Maintenance and Repair Costs Aldgate

Double Glazing Repairs

If your windows and doors have become damaged, repair can be a cost effective option. Compared to replacing your full suite of windows and doors, double glazing repairs are a fraction of the cost. It could be as simple as replacing the glass unit or making some adjustments to the frame. These simple repairs can return your Aldgate home’s performance back to its peak. This could lead to cost saving down the line.

We work with top quality hardware suppliers to ensure that our double glazing repairs are of the highest quality. These security mechanisms will make sure that your windows and doors have the best security possible. Our repair team is also extremely experienced. With so much knowledge at their backs, you can trust our team to deliver the very best repairs. Your Aldgate home could be good as new once again.


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If you’re in need of double glazing maintenance or repair, contact us online or over the phone today. We’ll be happy to offer our expert support and advice to keep your Aldgate home in peak condition.

Why Choose Lotus Windows?

Lotus Windows are industry experts with over two decades of experience. We have helped transform countless past customers homes with our range of windows and doors. Being a smaller, independent company, we can dedicate the time and support that you deserve in your home improvements journey. We’ll guide you through every step of the process to ensure you have the help you need.

You don’t have to just take our word for our quality. We have a number of accreditation from some of the UK’s top authorities. With backing from FENSA, our windows and doors are ensured to be energy efficient. You’ll also be able to cut through any red tape, thanks to Building Regulation compliance. We also have additional accreditation from GGF and BBA for added peace of mind.

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